Good Gut Chlorella Antioxidant Smoothie

What is chlorella, and why is it good for our gut?

This ‘superfood’ is said to be the next spirulina! Chlorella is a nutrient packed freshwater algae that is best consumed in supplement form: the natural form cannot be digested due to its hard cell wall. It is grown in Japan and Taiwan and easily available in the U.S. Chlorella offers a strong earthy taste and a little bit can go a long way!

Chlorella is a great source of protein that contains ALL nine essential amino acids. In addition, just one 3 gram of chlorella provides the body with about 100 mg of omega-3s! It is also a great source of iron, folate, vitamin C, omega-3s, and other antioxidants. Chlorella's mineral and vitamin content of Iron and Vitamin C work efficiently together by promoting better iron absorption. Sufficient iron stores have been shown to help our bodies grow and develop, as well as boost our immunity and help to prevent anemia.

Chlorella has also been shown to aid in detoxing by binding to heavy metals and improving the body's natural ability to clear itself of toxins. Chlorella's antioxidants may also help to reduce inflammation - the precursor to many chronic diseases! Chlorella has been shown to benefit our #GoodGut health as it aids in digestion, reduces bloating, and has even been used to treat some gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, IBD, stomach ulcers, and diverticulitis.

Ways To Eat

  • As a capsule with water

  • Added to any drink or smoothie

*Due to its hard cell wall chlorella cannot be digested properly in its natural form, it is best to consume as a supplement. Chlorella supplements can be bought as a powder, tablet, capsule, or even an extract!

Recipe: Chlorella Antioxidant Smoothie

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Ingredients (Makes 4 Servings):

  • 1/2 tsp chlorella powder

  • 1 cup kale or spinach

  • 1/2 banana, frozen

  • 3/4 cup pineapple chunks, frozen

  • 3/4 cup coconut water

  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger (optional), peeled


  1. In a high-powered blender, add the greens, banana, pineapple, chlorella, coconut water, and ginger (optional).

  2. Blend until smooth.

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