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Traditional Nutrition

Environmental gut-health nutrition

Traditional nutrition mostly focuses on the intake of food in relation to dietary macro and micronutrient needs. How many calories are in this? How much vitamin C?


Environmental nutrition also focuses on how the food was grown and the quality of the nutrients in that food. Were potential harmful pesticides used? Was the food exposed to potentially toxic chemicals? We will focus on improving your overall well- being by reducing your risk of synthetic chemical exposures, excessive antibiotics, and more.

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Happy patients make all the difference.

"WOW! I never imagined what meeting with Dahlia Marin, RDN was going to do for my life.

I was having issues with my thyroid and I was having a hard time getting any sort of answers. I got the runaround from my healthcare team who were all suggesting surgery, which ultimately meant I would be taking thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I chose to meet with a dietician to get a different perspective.

Dahlia was incredible! She gave me the tools I needed to optimize my health. She spent quality time sharing her expertise, which ultimately helped me gain the knowledge I was lacking around diet and lifestyle.

Today I am incorporating more foods than I ever had before because the whole time I was just nutrient deficient and with her guidance, I am thriving."

Stantaon, CA

"I truly cannot say enough about Dahlia and James, they are so incredibly kind and knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle, healthy gut and environmental factors. Throughout my years as a patient, Dahlia has helped me in so many ways. I went to Dahlia with extreme dizziness and awful headaches. Dahlia was able to help me by getting me on a low histamine diet with both supplements and dietary changes. Not only was this helpful, I also learned so much about my body and important changes that I needed to make. Dahlia has the most kind heart and passion for really helping others to live their best life. I cannot recommend them enough."

Newport Coast, CA

"I really appreciate the engaging videos that provide many ways in which to make plant based meals for an entire family. My children love the recipes inspired by James and Dahlia Marin . Their Instagram is very resourceful."

Glendora, CA

"Thank you, Dahlia Marin, for all of your help! You changed my recent view on healthcare professionals, who normally spend 3 minutes with you and are never available through emails/phone! I appreciate all your time, attention and knowledge sharing and I am looking forward to work with you on improving my diet, hormone levels, digestive issues, etc."

Chicago, IL

"Married to health was one of the best choices I made with regards to really understanding the nutritional needs of my body. They helped me incorporate everything I needed to thrive and the appointments were very educational. Highly recommend their services!"

Covina, CA

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